8 Ways You Can Help Your Kid Prepare for Back-to-School Season


Find out how you can make sure your kid gets back in the school groove, just in time for the back-to-school season.

As the extended vacations finally draw to a close and school season starts again, it can be hard to get back into study mode. After all these weeks of fun, no homework and no bedtimes, it’s a tiresome prospect to go back to Monday mornings and packed lunches.

Read on to find out!

Ease them in gradually

No child appreciates an abrupt change in their daily routine. It’s difficult going from weeks of freedom and fun with no responsibilities, to all the work and discipline of school again.

It can be hard for your kid to adjust to these changes. The solution is to make sure you don’t change their routine all at once—bring about these changes gradually, one at a time, to give plenty of time for your little one to adjust and pace themselves.

Change their bedtimes

One of the most drastic changes from holidays to school season is the bedtime or lack of one. Bedtimes are often relaxed during long vacations—sleeping late at night, waking up well into the afternoon and this alters your child’s entire sleep cycle.

But when school begins again, this can be a big problem. It’s hard for your kid’s body to adjust so quickly to such a massive change in their sleep cycle, and can leave them exhausted and cranky.

That’s why it’s best to ease them in gradually into newer, stricter bedtimes. Start two weeks earlier than needed, and reduce bedtime by ten minutes each day. This reduces the shock of going to bed earlier, while also helping them maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

Establish a pre-bedtime routine

Changing your kid’s bedtime works best only if you prepare well for it. Your entire evening routine needs to be altered if you’re planning to enforce earlier bedtimes.

Start with making dinner times earlier than before this gives your child plenty of time to digest their meal before going to bed.

Additionally, spend a portion of the evening preparing for the upcoming day. Get them to organise the books, clothes, and school supplies needed for the following day, help them pack their school bags, and prepare them for the school day. This can make mornings a lot easier and hassle-free.

Create a morning schedule

The morning routine is crucial in making sure the school day goes smoothly.

Wake your kid up a little earlier than they need to be up although the first few days are likely to be difficult and full of tantrums, this will make sure there’s enough time to prepare. They can have plenty of time to dress up, pack their bags, and have breakfast.

Remember—never skip a healthy breakfast no matter what your child insists! There’s a reason it’s the most important meal of the day.

Use a reward system

There’s nothing kids love more than scores, stars, and stickers! Encourage them for good behaviour and discipline while preparing for school to start. Prepare a chart, and reward them whenever they organise their things or do their chores without complaining.

Brush up on hygiene

Maybe you let your kids relax with bathtimes and cleaning up during the extended vacation, but that has to change now that school’s starting again! Get them used to regular bathtimes again so they can prepare for school even better.

Make it fun with letting them choose new bath supplies—towels with fun patterns, fragrant bath gels and shampoos, new bath toys—so you can ease them into bathtimes again. You can check our collection of bath and shower supplies to find some great products for your kid!

Choosing school supplies

Speaking of buying new supplies—definitely, the most fun part of the whole process is choosing new stationery, bags, clothes, and other school supplies.

Talk to your kid and ask them to select what they want to take to school! They can show off their fabulous new pencil case, find some fun new erasers, or some stylish schoolbags. Make going back to school seem less of an annoyance and more of a fun experience. Browse our back-to-school collection for some inspiration, and find what you need in our one-stop-shop for school supplies.

Get your kid involved

Planning’s always more fun if your kid can be involved too. After all, it’s their school routine; ask them to plan schedules, pack supplies, and so on. This will make them feel involved in the whole process, and make them feel better about the transition. Plus, they’re a lot less likely to fuss about it if they’re the one who planned it all! 


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