7 Ways You Can Treat Your Baby’s Diaper Rash


Diaper rash can be a real bummer in your baby’s life. Read on to discover how you can prevent and care for your little one’s rash with our quick and easy tips. 

 While diapers are generally a comfortable option for your little one, using them frequently can sometimes react badly with your baby’s sensitive skin. This reaction can cause mild rashes, which thrive in moist and warm places—like your baby’s diaper.

Diaper rashes can look like red splotches or spots on your baby’s bottom, irritated skin, or red scales in the genital region. They are usually not a serious cause for worry and only lead to mild irritation. However, it is best to consult a pediatrician in the case of an infection, fever, or swelling.

Here are some easy ways you can prevent and treat diaper rash—and keep your baby fresh, happy, and healthy.

Choosing the right diaper

Whether you prefer disposable diapers or reusable cloth nappies, it’s always worth looking into good quality diapers made of light and breathable material. There is a whole range of products out there, including super-absorbent disposable diapers, cloth nappies, reusable diapers made of natural materials, and more. Check out our collection of diapers, with brands like Pampers and BabyJoy, to find the right one for you.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect diaper, wrap it securely but not too tightly around your baby. Doing so allows your little one’s skin room to breathe and remain fresh, and it reduces the chances of rash and infection.

Clean and dry diapers

Rashes develop in a warm, moist environment, so it’s crucial to ensure that your baby’s diaper is kept as clean and dry as possible.

Additionally, make sure you give your baby a little time every day without a diaper; this keeps the diaper area dry and fresh.

Change diapers often

To treat or prevent a rash, it’s essential to change your baby’s diapers frequently. Ideally, it should be done as soon as the diaper is soiled; don’t let the diaper area remain dirty for too long. 

While changing, clean the area gently with a soft cloth, or using water. Let it dry completely before putting on a new diaper. It’s often convenient to use wet wipes to do this. Be gentle and avoid wipes with alcohol. Browse through our range of wipes to find mild, non-alcoholic, and natural products from brands like WaterWipes and PureBorn to keep your baby fresh.

Using the right cleansers

The products you use while bathing your baby can also help care for diaper rashes. Make sure you use gentle soap-free cleansers or mild soaps. Harsh soaps and products can irritate your little one’s sensitive skin, so it’s wise to avoid those and stick to milder options. You can find soft cleansing gels and organic soaps in our selection of baby washes, and find the best product for your needs from brands like Mustela and Original Sprout.

What to avoid

Using highly fragranced and artificial products can lead to harsh reactions on your baby’s sensitive skin. Products like fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and harsh detergents can affect your child’s skin

Use natural and organic products as much as possible; additionally, use mild, chemical-free detergents and cleaning products for your baby’s clothes. Try to find fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, or all-natural alternatives rather than artificial chemical products. These will cause less irritation and can reduce diaper rash.

Choosing the right clothes

The main goal in diaper rash prevention and care is to stop a moist and warm environment in the diaper area. So the clothes you choose for your little one can matter a great deal too.

Dress your baby in light, breathable fabrics; choose natural and organic products to find gentle and wholesome clothing for your child. Avoid synthetic materials and tight clothes, as these can hinder breathability in the diaper area.

Creams and ointments

The most effective way to care for a diaper rash is using creams specifically meant to treat such conditions. There are several products available, including natural and organic healing ointments. These creams can soothe your baby’s skin and reduce the irritation. They also help in preventing further rashes.

Gently apply the cream on your baby’s skin during diaper changes and after bathtime, to speed up the healing process.

Shop now for the best diaper rash creams from brands like Chicco and Sebamed. Find organic, natural ointments from Corine de Farme, Attitude, Beesline, and more to keep your baby fresh and safe.


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