6 Best Baby Care Apps in 2020

Best Baby Care Apps

Find the top parenting apps in 2020 to help you care for your new-born.

Being a new mum can be tough. There are a lot of challenges and things to keep track
of—but it gets easier if you rely on the right kinds of support.

In this world of fast-paced growth in technology, the phrase “there’s an app for everything”
isn’t exactly a joke anymore. There truly is a convenient app for everything, including taking
care of your baby. Make your child-rearing journey simpler with these apps that help you
track and care for your baby.


Baby+ is an all-encompassing tool that offers complete management and tracking features
for your baby. It lets you create a routine or schedule for your baby, as well as chart your
little one’s growth and progress. You can capture important milestones in your baby’s
journey and keep track of their development. The app offers interactive graphs and charts
to measure your child’s growth, including height, weight, head circumference, etc.

The app also provides many tips and guides about your child’s growth to help new parents
have a clear overview. Baby+ provides an all-in-one tool to record and track a summary of
your baby’s development.

Baby+ is available for both iOS and Android.

Cloud Baby Monitor

Making sure your baby sleeps soundly is one of the most important—and most
challenging—parts of bringing up a new-born. There was once a time when baby alarms
were the only way to be alerted when your baby was awake, but things have changed these

Nowadays, there is a range of options to keep track of your baby while they are sleeping.
Cloud Baby Monitor is one such option, an app with features like two-way video
communication, noise and motion and alerts, and music. It’s the best solution to check on
your baby and make sure they’re sleeping safely in their crib.

Cloud Baby Monitor is available for iOS, and Android.

Sound Sleeper

Another essential sleeping app for your baby is Sound Sleeper, the best white noise app for
babies. Babies are often difficult sleepers, so keeping them in restful sleep becomes easier
with a convenient white noise app like this one. The free version offers white noise music, a
muted menu without sounds or distractions, etc. Other unique features are the opportunity
to record custom lullabies as well as track your baby’s sleeping patterns.

While white noise generally helps babies sleep peacefully through the night, some studies
show that it might not be suited for all children. In case your child shows any aversion or
behavioural issues, be cautious and stop using white noise immediately.

Sound Sleeper is available for both iOS and Android.


This is an informative app that provides relevant details and tips about pregnancy, childcare,
and health. It also has a growth chart for tracking your baby’s growth and lets you complete
goals and win rewards in fun challenges related to childcare.

In addition to this, BabyGogo lets you set vaccination reminders, keep track of doctor’s
appointments, and store your child’s medical documents. It also has informative and easy-
to-read articles about childcare, nutrition, potty training, behaviour, and more.

BabyGogo is currently available only on Android devices.


Every new parent knows that babies can be adorable in so many ways. There’s no way of
capturing the full extent of cuteness and preserving it for memory, but the closest you can
get is taking the perfect snapshot.

Tinybeans is an app that helps you store all your precious memories of your little one in the
form of photos and videos. It offers you unlimited and secure storage for these files, and lets
you look back fondly on the magical moments spent with your baby.

Tinybeans is available for both iOS and Android.


Being a mum can be difficult work; it can often get lonely and tough. But staying in touch with people, especially other mums, can help you feel connected and appreciated.

Peanut helps you do this by offering a community of like-minded mothers to chat, share tips, and connect with easily. Find others who are going through the same challenges and experiences as you, and lighten the load for both of you by forming genuine connections with other mums.

Peanut is available for both iOS and Android.


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